Music with Mrs. Higgs


Music, whether general, instrumental, or vocal, is essential to a growing person’s development. It is a unique way for a child to express themselves. It allows the emotion to flow freely and helps the student learn to deal with feelings. Students have the opportunity to learn to express their emotions through the creation of music, the performance of music, and as consumers of music. The self-confidence and sense of accomplishment that music builds is very important to the development of each student.

Music is also an important part of our history. It serves a hugely important part of a culture’s identity. That history and identity are reachable by all students and serve as a common language for us to gain a better understanding of one another as well as to build bridges between people who might otherwise never interact. This understanding will carry forward into all domains of these student’s lives.

Music is a wonderful way to learn to be an individual as well as to work cooperatively. Musicians must be able to maintain their own part while a contrasting part is being played or sung, building independence and a sense of responsibility. The same musician must be able to work with the whole group cooperatively, including those contrasting parts, in order for the music to work cohesively. Building a sense of responsibility, while working as an essential part of the whole, is a life-long skill most easily learned in music.

Music enhances muscle development and coordination and incorporates the use of both sides of the brain. For young musicians this muscle development is especially important. Music can improve small motor skills, including joint flexibility and increased hand and eye coordination. Because music uses both sides of the brain equally it can help students to improve focus and memorization skills. Left brain development strengthens mathematical and language processing ability as well as other logic, spatial and reasoning skills. Right brain development strengthens a student’s creativity.

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