Health Room

Jeffco District RN
Jill Rohweder
[email protected]

Please contact the health room to update any new or changing health concerns.


-ALL medications need an MD order, even over the counter drugs. Students cannot carry any medications on them. All medications must have updated prescription label and cannot be expired. -Asthma and Allergy medications will need a Colorado State plan signed by the MD
Medication agreement form
CO state Asthma plan
CO state Allergy plan

Illness surveillance

-With students with symptoms of illness at school, we follow the CDPHE “how sick is too sick” guidelines. Please do not send students with symptoms of contagious illness to school. When students do not feel well at school, they need to check in to the health room and all parent communication needs to be through the school. Students that are sick in the morning (sent home or never came in) cannot return to school or after school activities until the following school day if symptom free.

How Sick is Too Sick?

Required immunizations for school
CO certificate of immunization
MMR letter


Non-medical – MD must sign the exemption annually or parent can complete and turn in the online module certificate annually

Annual certificate of non-medical exemption
Annual immunization education module

Medical exemption

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