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The Vision of Laura Wilson, Principal!

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Community Members,

It’s my pleasure to write this letter of introduction as the Principal of the new K-8 school in Candelas. I’m overjoyed with excitement and pride to lead our school. I grew up in Michigan but have lived in Colorado for 28 years. I am married with three teenage children, Blake 19, Zach 16 and Lia 14. I’m a huge Colorado sports fan. I love to ski, golf and spend quality time with my family as I look to the future of being an empty nester in four years. I possess over 22 years of educational experience in K-6, with a specific concentration in literacy, instructional leadership and Special Education foundations. My most recent experience has been leading a new school I had the pleasure of opening in Douglas County Schools 11 years ago. I am eager to bring my educational leadership to your child’s school as we work together to provide the best educational experience for your children and family. During this next planning year, I look forward to partnering with our community to build the vision and mission of our school. Community coffees will be scheduled for several meet and greets. Information will be shared about progress and our vision moving forward. I look forward to establishing a wonderful partnership with all of you in the near future.


Laura Wilson

Principal Three Creeks K-8

Principal of the Year 2012-2013

“Vision without action is merely a dream;

Action without vision just passes the time:

Vision with action can change the world.”

Joel Baker

My ideal school of Excellence will include the following:

Community: Ideally, a school community is a place in which a group of people with shared interests and common beliefs work cooperatively together for the greater good of all. Each individual is seen as important and capable of contributing significantly to the group. A school should be an environment where learning takes place, not just for the students, but for the parents, staff and principal as well.  All School community members both teach and learn from each other. I am not the only “leader” in the school. I want to cultivate leadership in each individual and allow him/her to blossom. This is a school where everyone appreciates each other’s strengths and areas of expertise, rather than compete for the spotlight. As the principal, I will look for opportunities to develop and empower the “leader” inside each and every person I encounter.

An Excellent school is also one that is “proactive” as well as “responsive”. We need to listen to community desires and concerns, and react accordingly.  In addition, we must also strive to anticipate community needs and look ahead, rather than wait for “the ball to drop”. This forward thinking approach does not require a crystal ball, it does require listening to details, observing community trends, and synthesizing information from various sources.  Being proactive requires an accurate understanding of your school community and that depends upon strong relationships and open communication between all stakeholders

Collaboration:  The school administration, staff and community will work as an effective collaborative team. Ideally, this team creates a shared vision, places a high value on collaboration, communicates and spends the needed time to reach consensus whenever possible.  All members of the “team” proudly share responsibility for making decisions and creating our “ideal”school. The partnership between school and our families is essential to the success of our students. I love the phrase, “It takes a Village”, our Three Creeks Village will be successful as a result of all our hard work and dedication to our students.

Safe and Nurturing Environment:  In today’s world, which includes an increasing percentage of young people committing violent crimes and acts of aggression, one can no longer assume the school is a “safe” place.  Hence, teaching and learning cannot take place until each individual is physically and emotionally safe. I would like to lead a school which provides a safe, nurturing learning environment in which each adult and child feels free to take risks. A person’s ability to learn and their natural curiosity to explore, make discoveries and solve problems is contingent upon an atmosphere which provides positive support and encouragement.  Intellectual, social and one’s self esteem improves. A positive self-concept ultimately leads to peacemaking and a more cooperative social environment.

Celebrating Diversity: I believe it is important to increase everyone’s curiosity, knowledge of, and respect for our differences and similarities.  Knowledge will certainly diminish fears and suspicions, which are the source of many prejudiced attitudes. All children need to acquire a realistic view of the world, so schools can be the perfect environment for students and staff to become aware of their own significant backgrounds, as well as, the history and culture of their classmates and colleagues.  Celebrating each person’s individuality fosters personal pride and ultimately leads to higher self-esteem.

21st Century Learning Environment: Three Creeks foundation for learning is based on a STEM approach. We are a 1:1 iPad school integrating technology as part of our student’s daily learning experiences. Our job is to prepare our students for a future of jobs that haven’t even been invented yet. Our students will be working on Passion Projects throughout their school year, Coding, Technology Integration, and Legos. In addition, our classroom have Flexible Seating which offers our students learning environments suited to their individual needs. Three Creeks K-8 is a school of innovation.

Student Achievement:  Student Achievement is an important factor in our schools.  My goal is to cultivate and capture teacher expertise in order to foster achievement.  I will succeed by fostering a goal-oriented, date driven collaboration which will lead to effective innovations and strategies that support best practices.   Research will guide our learning and develop all of us into the Professional Educators we strive to become. As a result, magical learning and teaching will be the essence of mission and moving forward to reach our goals.

Fun: Last but not least, schools should be a fun place to work and play.  Teaching and learning is an enjoyable, energizing process, not a boring, tedious “job."  In my vision, the adults and students look forward to each school day filled with curiosity, adventure and yes, even laughter!

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